Here are some of the projects we have done.


  • Data Benchmarking:
    software development
    Sanlam Employee Benefits does research annually and used to publish the results in book form, but now the data is pulled into a data warehouse where users can register and view the results using a dynamic method. The user can also benchmark (or compare) the results of a question with the results of any other question.
    The website was developed using PHP and MySQL.


  • Carbon Footprint Calculator:
    custom software development
    The website was developed for the South African fruit and wine industry to calculate the carbon footprint for users (typically a farm). As the formulas and questions used to calculate carboon footprints can change and are based on international best practices, this required a very flexible back-end administration system to handle the different boundaries, questions, groupings and weightings.
    The website was developed using PHP and MySQL.

  • Practice Management:
    web development
    Celestis (owned by Old Mutual) is a practice management company. The website has various tools that allow businesses to determine their strengths and weaknesses in all areas of practice management, thereby providing an overview of the health of the business.
    The website was developed using PHP and MySQL.



  • Billing Website:
    The website replaces several excel spreadsheets previously used. It tracks clients, contacts, to-do items, billing items performed by technicians, stock items, facilities and details of each client, internal staff, hr items like employee leave, sick, etc. It also exports job details and creates invoices in Quickbooks.
    The website was developed using PHP and MySQL.
  • CRM Website
    The GSA company has a single, central database of contracts, clients, contacts and correspondence. This thereby allows reps around the country to view client details, contract history and assists with the planning of the publication.
    The website was developed using PHP and MySQL.
  • Sales & Marketing Website:
    Reps in the field use a Pocket PC to connect via GPRS to a real-time ASP.NET website to update customer and brand information. This data is regularly synchronised with the data warehouse to allow for comprehensive reports to be drawn via SQL Reporting Services.
    The solution was developed using ASP.Net, SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server.


  • Sales Data Warehouse:
    A VB.NET application runs daily and imports sales records from SAP and other data feeds into SQL Server and applies various business logic rules to write into various tables. An ASP.NET website allows administration of the rules and the master data tables within the data warehouse. A separate BI (business intelligence) tool provides real-time analysis and reporting of the data.
    The solution was developed using VB.Net, ASP.Net and SQL Server.
  • Sales System:
    This application was written due to the challenges of traditional sales systems running in various locations in Africa. It tracks customers, suppliers, invoicing, products, stock levels, warehouse management, promotions, etc and has over 50 reports.
    The software was developed using VB.Net, MS Access, SQL Server and Crystal Reports.
  • Horse Stable Management Software:
    This complete package for horse stables tracks horses and owners and does the full accounting for them. Extra modules for trainers and breeders allow them to store and forecast events for both features.
    The software was developed using VB 6, MS Access 2000 and Crystal Reports.