Technology is fast-paced and forever changing, which is why we offer the most up-to-date IT support & services. Take advantage of our flexible, expert and outstanding value for money offerings. We guarantee an improved IT experience for all our customers.

Managed IT services and support

Service level agreements tailored to your needs

  • Outsourced ICT
  • Help-desk (ITIL aligned)

Support (on-site and off-site)

  • Remote support and server monitoring
  • Desktop, network and internet connectivity support

Maintenance and repair

  • ICT maintenance
  • Computer repair services

Why you want to partner with us…

  • We offer outstanding IT support at a rate that is affordable.
  • We are committed to excellence. This is reflected in who we hire and supported by comprehensive quality control and skills development.
  • We align to industry standards and best practices including ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library).
  • We help you scale your business while maximising your IT investment. We do this through our proactive approach of Standardisation, Automation and Control.

The Silicon Overdrive way is an exclusive experience.

We first meet you and get to know you. We learn about your business and identify your ICT objectives.

We allocate 4 hours to conduct a basic discovery and overview exercise. This allows us to find out a little more about your infrastructure and identify areas in need of development.

After getting a full understanding of your needs and objectives, we build an IT support service strategy. In it, we explain how we’ll be working with you to achieve your goals. We also discuss expected outcomes and turnarounds. We then work together with you to implement the services and integrate them into your company.

Our 24/7 remote monitoring service provides continuous monitoring of your IT. As a result, you receive early warning of potential system failures, comprehensive self-healing features as well as regular performance reports reflecting resource utilisation issues.

We present you with an overall review of how your ICT systems have been performing. We also recommend what needs to be improved. Through a series of IT audits, we are also able to find out whether your company’s information systems are compliant. This allows us to protect your business assets, maintain data integrity and help you meet your business needs.

Using the findings contained in the review, we implement a strategy aimed at improving the areas of your IT infrastructure that have been underperforming, while improving ROI.

Apart from being provided with a dedicated service account manager our IT services help-desk offers a comprehensive and seamless ticket management and escalation service.

We will keep you informed about the latest software and hardware renewals.

We know that every relationship is built on effective communication. That’s why we keep in touch with you every step of the way, even if it’s just to find out how things are going.

Book Your Free IT Support Assessment (Up to 4 Hours)

We would like to offer you a detailed IT assessment at our cost. From this 4-hour service, you will receive a comprehensive report on your current IT infrastructure, highlighted areas where you might be at risk and recommendations for high-priority development areas.


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