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Our Custom Software Development Services

Silicon Overdrive offers a diverse range of custom software development solutions for businesses, from comprehensive data warehouses with business intelligence analysis tools to website development, desktop and mobile development.

Creating custom IT Solutions that meet your Business needs

Do you need a custom-built application? Does your company need a new website? 

In our experience, off-the-shelf software products are often not enough to meet specific business needs. Our software development team, based in Cape Town, can create a tailor-made solution for you that is innovative, effective and affordable. Our development team is particularly strong in business analysis. This allows us to translate your company’s complex software requirements into solutions that deliver meaningful results.

We specialise in:

  • Desktop software development: C#, VB.Net, MS Access
  • Website development and web applications: PHP, ASP.Net, JQuery, JavaScript, ReactJS, SharePoint
  • Mobile solutions: iOS, Android, Flutter
  • Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostGres, SQL Server, RedShift, DynamoDB, MS Access
  • Customising Accounting software: Sage Pastel, QuickBooks, Accpac

Silicon Overdrive has a proven track record in reducing cost and project delivery time.

We have been featured as a Top 25 Software Development Company on

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Why Silicon Overdrive?

We asked a few of our clients what working with Silicon Overdrive for custom software development is like. This is what they had to say: 

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Custom Solutions

When it comes to custom software, there is no one-size-fits-all model. With over 20-years experience in the IT industry, our team is uniquely qualified to identify the ideal solution for your requirements.

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Business Analysis

Our team of experienced developers will assess your needs and provide expertise and optimized solutions to meet your business requirements.

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From dashboards to dashboards, we offer a range of Software Development Services allowing us to incorporate prior experience and assist with your journey.

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Deployment and Migration

Whether moving from a staging environment to a production environment or moving from on-prem to a cloud solution, our developers have the skill and expertise to get you running.

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We provide customers with fully Managed Services, inclusive of database and website maintenance, monitoring and alerting, security and related services, relieving customers of this operational burden.

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Next phase enhancements

Since the modern production lifecycle follows an iterative approach, there will usually be scope to improve your product. Whether you need additional resources to supplement your team, or if you want to outsource next phase enhancements entirely, we can help.

Case Studies

The Problem

The South African Wine Industry Information and Systems (SAWIS) is a non-profit organisation founded to manage the collection, processing and dissemination of wine industry information in South Africa, as well as to provide administration of the industry’s Wine of Origin system. It is overseen and controlled by the South African Wine Industry. The manner in which they received their data was archaic and relied on members making their submissions via fax and manual data capturing of these submissions onto their system. A more automated and user-friendly system was needed to streamline their data collection methods.

The Solution

SAWIS approached the developers at Silicon Overdrive to provide them with a solution. Silicon Overdrive provided them with an online portal for members to submit their information regarding their farms and cellars to SAWIS, which would remove the need for information to be faxed or posted to them, increasing the speed at which they could receive information. It also greatly reduced the potential for data entry errors and has provided more automated reporting options which were not available to them before.

The Outcome

SAWIS and its members are now able to submit, view and update information regarding their farm and cellar information on a centralised, user-friendly platform which is still maintained and supported by Silicon Overdrive’s software development team.

The Problem

The Really Great Brand Company (RGBC) is a small, owner-managed liquor company founded in 1996 which has grown from providing just 2 brands to growing their portfolio to 25+ premier brands of champagnes, whiskies, bourbons, cognacs, vodka and liqueurs. With the growth of their business, RGBC needed systems to grow with them and approached Silicon Overdrive and their team of software engineers to map out a solution which would allow them to realise their vision of being the leading supplier of premium spirits in Southern Africa.

The Solution

The Software Development Team at Silicon Overdrive proposed a solution which would allow for the collation of data from a variety of sources and combine it all in a central data warehouse, providing the business with advanced tools and reporting that were previously unavailable to them. These tools included a forecasting model, a stock management and ordering system and a purchase order requisition system, further bringing all aspects of the business together into one convenient system.

The Outcome

The solution developed and maintained by Silicon Overdrive revolutionised the way that RGBC worked, providing accurate information in meaningful ways, and allowing the staff at RGBC to focus on what they are great at, freeing them up to grow their business even further.

The Problem

Pernod Ricard South Africa was established in 1994 and over the past 20 years, has grown significantly and continues to thrive, delivering leading premium international and local wine and spirits brands. As the business grew and the number of suppliers increased, Pernod Ricard saw a need to have a centralised location for all suppliers to see the status of their invoices and payments. The old method of contacting the accounts department was becoming tedious and inefficient. Management at Pernod Ricard approached Silicon Overdrive to create a bespoke solution to their issue.

The Solution

The Software Development Team at Silicon Overdrive proposed an automated solution with a portal where suppliers could upload their invoices with their purchase order numbers, allowing them to track the progress of when payments could be expected, and orders completed. This meant far less communication needed to be made directly to the Accounts Department, freeing up the Pernod Ricard accounting staff and allowing them to be more streamlined and efficient with their time.

The Outcome

The fully automated supplier portal has streamlined the ordering and payment processes for Pernod Ricard, allowing them to focus on growing their business, with the continued support of Silicon Overdrive to maintain the bespoke software.

The Problem

Old Mutual Wealth (OMW) is a division of Old Mutual offering support for financial planners, support staff and business owners. The tool OMW was using had very expensive license fees and did not provide all the functionality required. Silicon Overdrive was approached and asked to provide them with a far more bespoke and tailor-made solution which would cover all of their requirements.

The Solution

Silicon Overdrive’s software development team planned a more cost-effective solution which included business assessment tools to assess various aspects of a financial planning practice, customer survey functionalities and other tools. An e-learning functionality was later added to the website, allowing the course content and assignments to reach a wider user base. It also allows users to receive CPD points following the completion of courses.

The Outcome

Knowmore now has a more cost-effective solution and an e-learning tool, allowing them to offer better support to their customers with the maintenance provided by Silicon Overdrive on a Service Level Agreement.

The Problem

Indawo was established in Cape Town in 1967 and has grown into an industry leader in building refurbishment solutions nationwide. With the expansion of their business, Indawo needed to provide easy reporting and management of projects, budgets, costs and stock. There was no solution on the market that met their individual requirements and Indawo therefore approached Silicon Overdrive’s Software Development Team to develop a cost-effective solution that would cover all these needs.

The Solution

Silicon Overdrive’s developers proposed a bespoke solution which would integrate with the accounting system to eliminate double entry of projects, costs and key data.  A web portal provides all branches and team leaders the ability to oversee projects around the country.  This includes a project management perspective with progress and budgetary indicators, and also incorporates a stock and asset management system, and a console to display targets and KPIs for Sales Teams and other staff.

The Outcome

Indawo is now able to view their business across the country in a user-friendly platform, both online as well as on a desktop application, allowing Indawo to focus on what they do best. Silicon Overdrive continues to provide support for Indawo and their custom-built management platform.

The Problem

The Angola Airport boasts a wide variety of shops catering to a variety of needs for the very diverse passengers entering, leaving and traversing the country daily. The duty-free stores were finding their manual methods of managing stock across all stores was becoming a difficult process and a system was needed which would streamline the stock management and ordering process. The currently available solutions did not cover their needs completely and Silicon Overdrive’s Software Development Team was approached to provide a solution that would tick all the boxes.

The Solution

Silicon Overdrive’s developers determined the Client’s needs and recommended building a software package which would keep a record of sales in all the stores, providing an overview of which stores have stock, what orders need to be placed and allowing stock controllers to order the necessary stock directly from the platform. This new platform would link barcode scanners on POS devices into the solution so no further manual data entry was required, providing the Client with a far more efficient manner in which to ensure their stores are fully stocked.

The Outcome

The Client is now able to process data with far more speed and accuracy than they previously could and can continue catering to the traveller’s diverse needs. Silicon Overdrive continues to provide support for their software solution.