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Considering switching from in-house email to cloud email? Then you might want to consider using Mimecast cloud email. As one of the world’s leading cloud email solutions, Mimecast lets you cut email costs, improve email management, increase email security and boost productivity. To help you decide if Mimecast is the right choice for your business, we’ve listed 6 key benefits of using Mimecast cloud email below:

Reduced Costs

With in-house email, not only do you pay for the email platform you use, you have to buy a server to store on premise. This comes with additional expenses such as electricity needed to power the server, a cooling system to reduce server heating and staff to maintain the server.

With Mimecast, you only pay a fixed monthly per-user fee to use the Mimecast cloud email platform. You don’t have to buy any software or hardware. Mimecast shoulders all responsibility for maintaining the email platform.


Mimecast boasts a highly sophisticated disaster recovery infrastructure. For instance, Mimecast’s Mailbox Continuity has the power to protect employee productivity and business operations by giving you uninterrupted access to email during cloud email outages.

Advanced Archiving

When you use in-house email, you have to protect and back up your emails. You also need to ensure that you have enough disk space to store your archived emails. On top of this, it can often be difficult to quickly find a specific email you archived months ago.

With Mimecast, email archiving is effortless. For instance, Mimecast’s Cloud Archive for Email protects your emails by providing encrypted, secure storage in various geographically dispersed data centres with triplicate copies. Storage space is also never an issue, as the Cloud Archive is highly scalable. What’s more, Mimecast offers an industry-leading 7 second search SLA to make your archived emails instantly accessible.


Because you are a valued client, Mimecast invests heavily into providing you with advanced email security. For example, Mimecast’s Targeted Threat Protection safeguards your email in real time against unknown and sophisticated attacks. Plus, you receive Spam Multi-Layered Malware Protection, Secure Messaging and Encryption, Data Leak Prevention and Secure Large File Sharing.


Because Mimecast is Internet based, you can access your email in your browser from any device. In addition, Mimecast has its own mobile apps and desktop apps, which allow you to respond to emails quicker, whether on the road or in office.

Worry-free Email Migration

Migration to Microsoft 365 from Exchange or another email platform comes with inherent risks. During migration, data can be lost or corrupted and is more vulnerable to security threats. And because email systems go down during migration, you have to find ways to reduce downtime.

Mimecast can be used as a secure Microsoft 365 migration tool to help maintain data integrity during migration. Its Cloud Archive will minimise any data loss or corruption and its broad-spectrum security will combat online security threats. In addition, Mimecast’s Mailbox Continuity service will provide continual access to your emails during migration.

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