One of the most significant advantages of having a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, it that every month Microsoft releases new updates to make the product better.

In the past, Microsoft would release patches to fix bugs, but they wouldn’t add much in the way of new functionality until the next iteration of the product was released.

We’re always excited when Microsoft announces the new updates for the month, so we thought that we’d collect all the Office 365 November updates for you. .

If you want more in-depth details on each of the updates listed, please watch the videos.


Editor in PowerPoint

In recent months the Microsoft Word editor has undergone a mini overhaul. Not content to leave the changes to Word alone, Microsoft has now added the new editor changes to PowerPoint as well.

The new editor leverages machine learning and natural language processing to provide an intelligent proofing and editing service that makes recommendations based on the context of your writing.

These changes make the editor better at finding syntax and grammar errors and can help you to write in a clear and concise manner.

Microsoft Forms Integrated with Powerpoint

If you’re someone who uses PowerPoint for pitches or meetings, then you’re going to love this update. The November update allows users to add Microsoft Forms directly into PowerPoint presentations.

That means that people can fill out forms or take quizzes, without ever needing to leave the app!

Word To-Dos

Writing or editing can be a long and involved process, especially if you need to collaborate with your colleagues. The new Word to-dos update tries to make your life a little bit easier.

If you’re working on a Word doc, all you need to do is type TODO. Microsoft Word will pick up on the word, and allow you to add comments and notes wherever you wrote TODO. Once you’ve added your notes, a to-do will automatically appear on the left of the doc, so that you can easily find and track outstanding tasks.

Please note that to use this feature, you need to be on Sharepoint or OneDrive for Business.

Outlook on the web

There is a growing trend where users prefer to use Outlook for the web over the Outlook desktop app. If you use Outlook for the web, you will know that not all of the features form the desktop app are available to you.

In the November update, Microsoft is adding more of the desktop app functionality to Outlook for the web. You can now drag an email to the task pane on the right of the screen to automatically set the email as a to-do.

From the to-do pane, you can drag a task to the calendar to schedule the task. What could be easier? Please note that this update is only available if you choose to opt-in for the December update of Outlook for the web.

Microsoft Teams on Mobile

Do you like the concept of the Microsoft Teams for Mobile app, but don’t like the idea of being interrupted during your downtime? With the newest update, you can now set your quiet hours (and days). Once set, the app will stop sending you notifications during your downtime.

But that wasn’t the only update. You can now also use the teams mobile app to schedule meetings.

Embed 3D Animations in Word and PowerPoint

Do you want to make your presentations and documents more memorable? You’re not alone.

The November update now allows users to embed 3D animations into their Word and PowerPoint documents. Say goodbye to dull presentations.

Inking and Designer

The use of digital pens for design work is on the rise, and Microsoft wants to integrate more functionality for digital pen users to design in PowerPoint.

Now users can add text or draw an image to a slide in PowerPoint. From there, PowerPoint will make design recommendations complete with layouts, icons, and design themes.

Digital pen editors

While users could already use a digital pen to cross out words and highlight texts, the new editing function goes one step further. The aim is to eliminate the need for a keyboard. Users can add new words or line breaks, and seamlessly split up pieces of text in an interactive manner.

Transform to Web

Building a webpage has never been easier! Microsoft Word’s ‘Transform to Web’ function allows you to convert a Word document into a Sway web page, which is fully responsive and will look great on all devices. And all you need to do is click one button.

Blur background in Microsoft Teams

With the trend toward distributed offices, remote working teams, and companies going international, there is no doubt that video conferencing is an essential element for modern business.

Of course, if you have a busy or distracting background in your video call, people may wander off or focus on the wrong parts of the call.

The new Background Blur function in Microsoft Teams is great if you want to hide the background of your location.


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